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Looks like Heidi Klum is a runner! She tweeted this pick of her running with Kim Kardashian last week. I'm impressed as a former track & cross country athlete that this busy mom,model, spokesperson, and super entrepreneur  Heidi has been logging lots of miles this past week - over 30 which is a good amount for sure. Klum started an eight week Summer Run on her new lifestyle website, HeidiKlum.aol.com to get healthy and encourage other women to join her in doing the same. Each day

The kids worked the boards and all the rides in Ocean City last week for our annual night up to OC from Sea Isle so we could indulge in all our faves. From Mack and Manco's pizza to Kohr Brothers ice cream. With lots of fun in between Kyle even got pooped on by a seagull- which totally freaked Hom out until we told him it was a sign of VERY good luck- which thrilled him!

Jo Frost spilled some of her great parenting tips & tricks while chatting with me last week to promote awareness for asthma and EIB. Totally love her and I relied on her book when my 1st daughter was a baby and toddler. Lots of readers sent me questions on Twitter to ask her - we got through many of them as you'll see below. And YES, she DOES keep in touch with all the families she helps. Very cool. widescreen format for Citybuzz - 566x367

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman take baby Skyler out to his first red carpet event!!  The couple arrived with baby Skyler, Rachel's mom and dad and nanny in tow to hit the red carpet at Petit Tresor (www.petittresor.com) in West Hollywood for the launch of Petit Tresor's exclusive home collection for Babies"R"Us. Petit Tresor furnished Rachel's entire nursery for Skyler. To be a celebrity Mom must be nice! I'm anxious to see this new collection from Petit Tresor at a price us mortal Moms might be able