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Energizer Easy Charger Rechargeables – Classy Mommy Beta
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Energizer Easy Charger Rechargeables

My husband and I have been striving to live a greener and more eco-conscious lifestyle since becoming parents 3 years ago. Making the switch to rechargeable batteries was an easy win for both our budget and the environment – especially given the rapid battery consumption of toys in our household! I’ve been raving about our Energizer 15 minute charger for quite some time to family and friends – and I’m thrilled to announce that Energizer has now invited me to serve as an Online Brand Advocate for their Rechargeables! The first product I was sent to review was the Energizer Easy Charger. The price point of $ 23.99 for a charger that fits both Energizer AA and AAA batteries is fantastic and less expensive than the 15 minute charger which is about $32.99. You can charge up to 4 AA or 4 AAA at one time. Or even a combo of both 2 AA or 2 AAA. I’ve been using the Energizer Easy Charger the past few weeks and I love the large, easy to read LED status indicator letting me know when my batteries are re-charged and ready for action again. Charge time seems to be about 3 hours and what is also really cool about the Easy Charger is that it comes with 3 interchangeable face plates to match any holiday decor – black, white or a silvery gray. And talk about value – your Easy Charger even comes complete with batteries making the Energizer Easy Charger even more of a deal when you consider you can use Energizer rechargeable hundreds of times. If you’re looking for a last minute stocking stuffer – I promise you and your children’s toys will be thrilled with the Energizer Easy Charger. For more information, click here. Price: $24

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