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Did you know that Cleaning for a Reason is a charitable foundation that partners with over 1,000 local maid services across the USA and Canada to provide FREE home cleaning services to women battling cancer? Incredible! One of those services you hope you never need, but I'm very glad this foundation exists. Some staggering stats on cancer in women: The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 805,500 new cases of cancer diagnosed in females in 2013. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast

I was compensated by Tyson Foods to produce this content. I’m always looking for healthy but quick and convenient dinner options for my little boy who needs to also eat “gluten free” due to his Celiac disease. Lately we’re loving these Tyson ® Gluten Free Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Strips. I’m even able to give this little dude a few to take on the road to a friend’s house for dinner too. This Halloween, my little IronMan or JackSparrow - whichever he decides to be -

With 2 days away until Halloween, it's definitely time to finalize that costume! Looks like my Kenzie and Kyle have it figured out. Kenzie is opting for the very wise Hermione of Harry Potter fame while Kyle is most likely dressing as Captain Jack Sparrow. Although he's had a few other awesome possibilities from costumes we own so he vacillates all the time between his pirate gear, Mike Wazowski from Monsters University or IronMan. Check out Campbell's Wisest Kid in his new video where he's

This simple and easy BBQ Chicken Quesidialla Recipe is made miraculously easy by using shredded chicken from a ready made and warm Rotisserie Chicken. I picked this Rotisserie Chicken up at Walmart so I could whip up a delicious meal the entire family would love. Yum! A few more easy ingredients like shredded cheese, BBQ sauce, tortillas and you are ready to go! I grabbed everything at Walmart but the real secret is picking up the Rotisserie chicken near the front of my local store

This craft is so simple and ridiculously easy, even the least crafty of us Mamas can guide our children through the spooky creation of a Skeleton made out of Q-Tips. All you need is glue, construction paper and Q-Tips. If your a Homeroom Mom in need of a simple activity for preschoolers through elementary aged school kids, this Skeleton Qtip Halloween craft is ideal. Hardly any work is involved on your end other than providing a few simple ingredients and perhaps a few Skeleton designs

Check out the beautiful new Disney Frozen Elsa costume from the Disney Store. It's gorgeous and just in time as Disney's Frozen hits theaters around Thanksgiving on November 27th. Kenzie is in love with this sequined gown that comes complete with an attached cape. This Frozen Elsa costume is sold at the Disney Store for only $49.95, this high quality Disney Princess dress will work perfect on Halloween festivities but also double as a gorgeous dress up gown and Princess dress to where when visiting

How cute is this doll bed from Corolle? The Corolle Doll Carrying Bed is complete with carrying straps and a built in pillow, this lovely doll bed is easy for the youngest toddler or preschooler to carry but also still lots of fun for little girls in elementary school like my daughter Kenzie in 2nd grade. She enjoys toting around her Les Cheries Corolle dolls in this bed along with a wide assortment of other stuffed plush toys too! Corolle makes the most wonderful doll accessories

If you are a Peppa Pig fan, more new book and toys continue to be available for purchase. Fun! Peppa Pig's Busy Day at School is a beautiful new book from Candlewick Press with bright colored pages that is fun for preschoolers and young elementary school aged children. My 2nd grader loves reading it to her younger brother! This book makes school seem like lots of fun which is always great for encouraging our little ones to like their own busy days at school! Check out

Love this! If you need creative pumpkin carving templates and patterns, here is an inspiration from the gang at Monsters University. You can download and print this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Carving Template pattern below. Just cut it out and tape it to your pumpkin and go to town with a carving kit. The pumpkin carving tool kits under $5 work wonders - even someone with little skill like me can get it to work! [caption id="attachment_34910" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Monsters University Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Carving Template"][/caption] Page