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Fashion Friday: YES Running in Skirts is on TREND and Totally Cool

We vote YES in favor of running in Skirts.  Posting this photo of my little girl, at age 6, and I crossing the finish line of her very 1st 5K race. We sparkled and shined in our skirts while running this special 5K at the most magical of venues – Walt Disney World!

Running in Tutus and Skirts

Anyone in the running community knows that running in a skirt or tutu is 100% on trend and cool right now.

Sharing this Athletic Fashion Trend in honor of  the horrific article Self Magazine featured making fun of a cancer survivor for running in a Tutu. To add insult to injury, she was selling these Tutus to raise money for cancer!!!

Shame on Self Magazine for not doing their homework to realize that the “racing in skirts” concept is HOT for female runners right now. And an even bigger BOO to Self Magazine for making fun a woman runner in the first place, let alone without doing their homework to realize she was also a cancer survivor racing in a tutu during her break in chemo.

ClassyMommy is 100% in favor of racing in skirts or in whatever you’d like to wear. The important thing is to get the door and RUN!



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