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DIY Home Decor: Our Laundry Room Makeover for under $250 – Classy Mommy Beta
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DIY Home Decor: Our Laundry Room Makeover for under $250

Who knew a laundry room mattered so much? I’m obsessed with our brand new laundry room. Miraculously we turned the dumping ground of our house into a functional space that looks cool too – all in one weekend!!! We spent under $250 at Lowe’s to buy paint, a crystal mounted chandelier, and new flooring to transform our space which we thought was a real bargain. Here’s photos, video, and details on the before and after  on our Laundry Room Makeover for under $250.

The laundry room really is the command center for many families since it is often the  main entryway into the home from the garage which means that the family walks through it coming and going multiple times daily – not to mention when you are entertaining, chances are guests will be stumbling into your laundry room. I can not believe I waited 10 years to organize this space and style it to my tastes!!!!!!!! 

Here’s photos, video,  and details on the before and after too.

Laundry Room Makeover for Under $250 Video Reveal

Now that our space is more organized and in style, I think it honestly has changed the mood of every family member for the better. If you hate your laundry room, I highly encourage you to make some quick organizational changes and add a new fresh coat of paint. It will do wonders !!!!!

Laundry Room Photos after our DIY Makeover

We chose aqua paint since we thought it was relaxing, on trend, and a bright difference compared to the drab pea green gray sponge paint we had going on before!  


We removed all shelving in the laundry room to make it a wider entry way so everyone wouldn’t get in a bottleneck leaving the house. This makes the room far more spacious. Friends have visited and said if they didn’t know differently, they would have thought we had somehow bumped out the laundry room to make it bigger!

We added giant hooks so the kids can easily hang their coats and backpacks. We bought rustic tree limb hooks from Amazon. I love them!!! And the easy system definitely reduces my nagging the kids to put away their backpacks and coats too.


We weren’t sure what to do for wall decor, so we picked a few favorite photos we had from the kids summer swim season and popped them in extra dollar store photo frames I had randomly in storage at home. Totally low budget, but they look cute and we all enjoy the memories as I don’t really have a “photo wall” anywhere in our home.

We added this simple runner from Target that is a mix of browns and blues so it hopefully won’t show the dirt too quickly!


New Laundry Room Flush Mounted Lighting

This trendy flush mounted light is from Lowe’s and I was thrilled to replace our super ugly flush mounted plain builder’s grade light with this styling flush mounted crystal chandelier style lighting from the Portfolio brand. I spent $89 on it at Lowe’s –it was worth every cent. I love how the is all upward facing too so it makes a great reflection on the walls and ceiling.


We bought vinyl tile faux slate flooring at Lowe’s that Mike installed in 1 day. It looks great and is a huge upgrade compared to our old flooring. The pieces each had 4 faux tiles on it and they were 12 inches by 12 inches and intended to look like a slate floor. Nice!

Each piece was 1 giant sticker and we literally just stuck it all on top of our old ugly linoleum floor. He is so handy he finished this in essential 2 evenings. We chose grey since it looks great with aqua and obviously white would have shown too much dirt!  They were really inexpensive at only $0.68 per tile.


Shelving Organization in our Laundry Room

I would love cabinets but this was a quick makeover we did in 1 single weekend. So we opted to just buy baskets at Target for aesthetic purposes so all my cleaners and detergents are hidden in a basket. Works for me! Plus, I obviously purged excess stuff we didn’t need that had accumulated over time and if we needed to save something that we really ever RARELY use, we put it on shelving in the garage.


Previous Ugly Laundry Room Photos

YUCK! I hated this paint since the day we moved in and somehow lived with it for  10 years!

I didn’t take pictures of our old shelves creating the bottleneck in the laundry room but you can get the idea of the transformation with these snapshots.




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  • Gorgeous! I love it!
    You know we just moved and our laundry room is a dreadfully depressing brown. So dark and sad feeling. It’s on my list of repaint in an aqua too!

    February 3, 2015
  • It looks awesome! LOVE that light. What a fun addition!

    February 3, 2015
  • Wow! I love it! I love the chandelier and also the hooks! Never in a million years would I buy those hooks (if I saw them in the store) but they look awesome on the wall and so fun!! Way to go!

    February 5, 2015

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