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Chuao Chocolatier Pretzel Toffee Twirl – Classy Mommy Beta
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Chuao Chocolatier Pretzel Toffee Twirl

YUM!!!!! We are loving  Chuao Chocolatier after receiving samples in the mail last week. My husband spotted these in store in Target too he said, so I think we’ll be buying more of this divine chocolate! Chuao Chocolatier, makes ethically sourced chocolates and they offer some really unique and sophisticated flavors – think chocolate bars that even include bacon!

  My favorite bar is definitely the Pretzel Toffee Twirl – dark chocolate with crunchy mini pretzels and toffee inside. Heaven!
Chuao Chocolatier Flavors

Check out the scoop on these hot flavors for Fall below. Thanks to Chuao Chocolatier for our samples.

  • Cinnamon Cereal Smooch: What better time of the year for a hint of cinnamon? In the morning or at night, this bar is a perfect mouth-watering snack at any time.
  • Pretzel Toffee Twirl: Fall time nostalgia combined into one bite, buttery toffee glazed over mini crunchy pretzels in darkchocolate is sure to help you forget the beach and enjoy the brisk air and beautiful fall foliage.
  • Baconluxious:  If you’re craving a hint of maple, don’t hesitate to dive in to the maple-y sweetness of this salty meets sweet bar. The crispiness of bacon touched with the sweet maple syrup is a pairing to entertain your mouth.
September 23, 2015
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September 29, 2015
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    Here’s how it works very briefly:

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    The site is particularly great for moms with young kids, as:

    A. Moms never get time to treat themselves or shop online
    B. There are loads of great treats for kids on the site, and moms always need to find gifts both for their own kids, and for the kids of their friends and family
    C. Moms deserve treats way more often!

    If you’re interested, please drop me an email at renefreling@treatangel.com and I’ll send you some more information. For a product review I could provide you with a guest login and code prior to launch so you can go through the site and have a treat sent to yourself. I’m also open to a 6-month membership package giveaway if you think it might be the right fit for your audience.

    Thanks for your time.

    Rene Freling, CEO & Founder, Treat Angel

    September 29, 2015
    • Sorry – that was not meant to be posted there. Please delete!

      September 29, 2015

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