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Looking for a new back to school lunchbox treat? We are excited to get back to school with these fun yummy new snacks - Honey Maid Grahamfuls. There's a handful of flavors to choose from - Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Banana Vanilla Creme. There is NO high fructose syrup - Hooray! Just yummy Honey Maid Graham Crackers with the goodies sandwiched between them. They are all individually wrapped too so this makes for an ideal snack for lunch boxes. B It kind of reminds

We are obsessed with these GoGo squeeZ Applesauce packets. Applesauce is a kid favorite but was always a tough one to eat when we were strapped for time, rushing to swim practice and eating in the car,  or packing a lunch since it used to involve bringing a spoon and the potential for messy spills. That's not the case with this easy to eat - or shall I say drink or suck- applesauce from GoGo squeeZ. Kenzie and Kyle both devour these and love their fresh taste,

I'm excited to be working with Popsicle this summer season on their biggest new product introduction in years - the Yosicle. And yes this product is just what you'd expect and as the name alludes - a Popsicle with Yogurt in it too. We did an early taste test on Yosicles as they'll be hitting stores in May. Yosicles are low fat pops made from 10% nonfat yogurt. My kids and I loved the Layerz style of Yosicles best of all - creamy and yummy

I profess I'm no gourmet in the kitchen, but I adore hosting friends and entertaining family. This means I've learned to always find a way to serve up the most convenient meals in the most classy way possible. Yes even Pizza! So that goes for the frozen Freschetta Pizza we serve up weekly at our house! The kids are wild for Freschetta pizza - and it's easy to make the meal a bit "classy" and fancier so it feels and tastes like a real

What a surprise! Pepsi is launching a brand new product in a few days and we were 1 of the first 100 people to sample it. Very cool. Today we received this surprise shipment of a 6 pack of Pepsi Next on ice for us to put to the taste test. (Yes, I did love it - tasted just like regular Pepsi to me.) And it was a smart marketing plan too as I had no idea this package would be arriving but was beyond intrigued

I heart personalized products for kids - I just can't get enough items that say Kenzie or Kyle on them. I See Me!, one of my favorite personalized book companies also sells cute personalized placemats for kids. Just in time for Easter, I See Me! even has new personalized placemats that feature colorful bunnies, eggs, chicks and baskets. What a fun gift for the favorite kids in your life. Here's Kenzie and Kyle enjoying their new placemats from I See Me! Tips for ordering: -Be sure to

Classy Mommy is crazy for the Personalized Aprons from the Diaper Bag Wrangler Company - a mom owned and operated indie craft biz. These adorable aprons come with a potholder and are sized just right for toddlers and kids. Reversible and machine washable too - so don't worry about them getting down and dirty on their cooking adventures with you. Mackenzie loves wearing this apron - and the generous pockets in this one are tons of fun for her too! Kids really do

We're fans of Cloth napkins for the kids and Fabkins fit the order. Fabkins has 8 kid friendly bright designs with a range of adorable colors and patterns. Kenzie's preschool requires only cloth napkins for snack or lunch bunch since it is an easy kid friendly way to teach our children about protecting the environment. Elizabeth Rogers, co-author of The Green Book, was quoted on a 2007 Oprah show that "If we all gave up one [paper] napkin a day, we could save

,~2,Make your kid feel like one in a million with these personalized placemats by Frecklebox. Pick one of the many backgrounds from race car themed to angel themed and then type in the name you want featured on it! These placemats are fun for your children and will make the mealtime clean-up job much easier. ,~3, For more information, click here. Price: $10

Stokke recently sent us their Tripp Trapp High Chair to review. Wow! A true example where form meets the function but style is not sacrificed. The biggest highlights for me (and I presume most Moms) will be the following. Finally having a high chair that matches my decor seemlessly, the enjoyment of a classy product made of wood vs. a chunky plastic contraption embellished with bold bright colors, and the fact that this high chair pushes flush against my kitchen table disguising