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This post is sponsored by Comcast. We were thrilled to be invited by Comcast to an evening at the ballpark. Comcast hosted our family for a special evening to catch the Phillies in action and learn all about the latest Xfinity updates before the game started. We had a blast! Kenzie brought a friend and they were thrilled for a little adventure to the stadium -- even better the Phillies actually WON! Woohoo! Hitting the ballpark with kids is such a fabulous family activity. I

From the moment we first become parents, we take on that role of protector for our children. There's nothing like being a Mom and wanting to just keep your baby safe and healthy forever. Sometime things are out of our control and our loved ones have health issues. It can be scary and terrifying.  Especially if you don't have the funds you might need to pay for special health care services your loved one might require. Did you know that the UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation makes

Proud Mom moment! Kenzie is has a real passion for writing and I'm always amazed with the assignments she brings home from school. So when she saw Valley Forge Park was offering an essay contest she decided to do a little submission.   I love how she created a journal entry from 1777 that makes me really feel like I've stepped into the past! The Valley Forge essay contest was the perfect opportunity for my aspiring writer. Kenzie is a Daughter of the American

Nine years of smiles with this little guy! Happy 9th Birthday to Kyle. We celebrated his December birthday with a swim meet and then a fun party that was Harry Potter themed complete with magical spells and Fantastic Beasts -- including a Boa, Skunk, giant Corn Snake, lizards and more in our house! ACK!  We always love his enthusiasm for everything and anything in life. With his positive attitude and zest for life, celebrating his birthday makes him especially ecstatic!  

We had so much fun on Kenzie's birthday last week actually filming a TV segment on her very special day! We went on Fox's new show, The Q, to share fun and super SIMPLE ideas to create a festive football party at home -- aka the HOMEGATE before the big Eagles game.  Check out our photos from in studio and see a clip of our segment here too! Afterwards we were able to visit the Liberty Bell and take a photo by Independence Hall since

"And though she be but little, she is fierce."-Shakespeare She may not be the biggest kid on the blocks at only 66 pounds, but she has so much heart, determination and never gives up. Proud Mom! I absolutely LOVE this photo from YMCA states of my little girl Kenzie grabbing 2nd place in the 50 FLY for her 10 & under age group. After a really tough year, it was wonderful to see her hard work and persistence over so many obstacles pay off. This

What a difference 1 year makes!  I'm so proud and happy for my little swimmer. This past weekend Kenzie swam in her biggest most competitive meet ever - the Mid Atlantic Region Junior Olympics and did amazing! Swimmers from the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware can qualify for the meet and then come together for a big championship style meet. The stars aligned for a wonderful day.  This time last year she missed this special Junior Olympic swim meet with a partially collapsed

We heart Dr. Seuss and my kids eagerly celebrate any occasion with enthusiasm!  His universally likeable book inspire early readers and make us older readers laugh and reflect on our lifetime of reading Dr. Seuss to both ourselves and our children. Best of all are all those Dr. Seuss quotes rich with gems of wisdom. One of my faves is below: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter

Note: This post is sponsored from Straight Talk. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. What traditions bring your family & friends together during the holidays? I'm so thankful for my friendship with my two best friends. We've been friends since the 7th grade - some 28 years! Crazy! We get together with our families every Christmas to celebrate the holidays and our years of friendship. Ever since we had children, every year we do an annual family gathering with all the children. I'm so grateful for this