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Take a peek inside our room at the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park. This is a family suite and it is huge! Can't rave enough about this place as the perfect location for a mini vacation getaway.  The lodge is awesome and very "rustic" looking as you can tell by the pics & video. It sleeps 6 as there are 2 double beds and even a room partition to a sitting area where this a sofa bed! Micro, Fridge, and a gorgeous balcony too.

Take a peek at a few photos from our 1st day at the Great Wolf Lodge. This family resort is outstanding and I'm so happy we came. Tons of kiddie slides and splash zones that are ideal for both Kyle & Kenzie. The kids had so much fun! And I'm still feeling waterlogged tonight after going down a zillion slides with Kenzie and my girlfriend Vera and her daughter today. Perfect way to spend the day with friends and family. More details later but

Gorgeous resort. From ocean views to beautiful pools. Loved bonding with my mompreneur girlfriends and hearing all their brilliant tips. I went running along the seaside in front of all those ultra expensive Palm Beach mansions too and managed to finally get a real headshot with my co- author Audrey. ( this pic is just from our iPhone - the real one is better!

My life is a whirlwind so it is no surprise my travels are too.No joke I haven't washed my hair since last Wednesday the day before I left for the trip as I didn't even have a spare moment to find the time for a wash & blow dry. (Yes I did shower after my runs - thanks to that shower cap invention) Sounds crazy I know but I was determined to make the time away from the kids worth it, I packed in

Really. This weekend, I had my own red carpet moment at the Independent Spirit Awards. And this time the red carpet really was gray and not red which I thought was somewhat random and I guess just added to that "Indy" vibe of the event. Here I am striking a pose. We were being ushered in quickly amidst the real stars - including Anne Heche who was right in front of us. The Papparazzi and all the real media outlets were screaming her name wildly