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Exciting day! Perfect spring weather rolled in just in time for 8 year old Kenzie to run in her very 1st official track meet. No wind and beautiful weather of 60 degrees made it an ideal day for runners and us spectators. Kenzie ran the 1500 and did amazing. It was neat to see her competitive spirit come alive on the track - and not just in the pool. Kenzie ROCKED in her 1500 meter race. I worried this would be too long for her,

And then came 1 st grade. I can hardly believe my little baby is growing up so fast. Luckily, Kenzie is CRAZY for school and has an unquenchable quest for knowledge. My non-stop reader couldn't wait to head back to school and found being there a full day with lunch included THRILLING. Here's the requisite 1st day of School photos. They are cute and I love how she is missing her 1st tooth too. It was a wet one too so the umbrellas were out and

There's nothing like a local summer fair. We hopped over to Phoenxiville's annual Dogwood Festival on Thursday evening for a fun night out with the kids. The excitement of the crowds and the transformation of our ordinary park into a giant carnival atmosphere was thrilling for my kids. The expressions of pure joy on my children's faces was priceless and non-stop during our 90 minutes of glorious fun. And we're still living the Dogwood Dreams after our surprise win of a goldfish at the fair on

It's an Olympic year and I'm already feeling the excitement even though they are still 6 months away. I think of the Olympics and literally just FEEL for the athletes and families dreaming of competiting in the games and those who ultimately get there to represent their country. I remember my dreams of the Olympics as a little girl when I was a competitive swimmer. And now, my own daughter is 6 years old and on the swim team for the very 1st time. I

Merry Merry! Are you exhausted? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I'm exhausted but at the same time totally exhilerated by all the excitement and happiness. Can't wait for 2012 and more new adventures! After a fabulous and non stop week of entertaining out of town guests, hosting parties for friends and family, and volunteering in Kenzie's Kindergarten class to build gingerbread houses and help out another day for her holiday party - we are ready to just FINALLY relax. Today we just stayed in our

We had snow before Halloween so why not Santa before Thanksgiving? Yes, kind of crazy I know. I'm not so about rushing life, but my cuties are only little once so I'm embracing the holiday spirit and going full steam ahead with their excitement this year. I do hate Christmas stuff out in stores before Halloween is over, but once Halloween is done, I'm okay with ramping up the holiday mood. So when I heard that our local Exton Mall was hosting a big welcome Parade

Full speed ahead! We are gearing up for the holidays at a record pace this year after Halloween. The kids are just too excited for all things Christmas and since these childhood moments are so fleeting, we're embracing the holiday spirit full force to maximize everyone's enjoyment. Here are the kids super surprised and excited to open a package on Thursday full of all the ingredients to have our own family movie night - popcorn, cool popcorn containers, caramel corn, and a holiday themed DVD