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I'm obsessed with this Exergen Temporal Artery thermometer! I first got one for my daughter when she was about 6 months old and I've now begun to use it on Kyle who is almost 8 months. I'm a worry wart kidn of Mom who is a bit of a hypochrondriac in the sense I fear my little ones getting sick - as do many Parents. So I'm always wanting to take Kyle's temperature since he seems to run a fever virtually every other

Wow. Make that a double Wow. The new Leapfrog Tag Reading system is incredible. Truly unbelievable. Much to our total surprise, Leapfrog sent the starter Tag "touch reading system" to us last week. The Leapfrog Tag, geared for children ages 4-9 is totally appropriate for our Mackenzie, a very verbal preschooler at almost age 3. We've never seen her take to a toy or learning to read in such an immediate and excited manner. Honestly, as parents, we both felt like watching her

Classy Mommy is crazy for the Personalized Aprons from the Diaper Bag Wrangler Company - a mom owned and operated indie craft biz. These adorable aprons come with a potholder and are sized just right for toddlers and kids. Reversible and machine washable too - so don't worry about them getting down and dirty on their cooking adventures with you. Mackenzie loves wearing this apron - and the generous pockets in this one are tons of fun for her too! Kids really do

Halloween is a few weeks away and we've still not settled on a costume for Kenzie - but this Dorothy costume is in the running. Kenzie has been infatuated with Dorothy, Toto, and the entire Wizard of Oz lore for the past year. She'll love the ruby red slippers and carrying around a basket with a pretend Toto for the evening - and I love the idea of buying a little Lion costume for Kyle so he can tag along with his big

I took this tough mini portable dvd player - designed with kids in mind for a test run last week. We were ultra impressed with the clarity of the picture and how fun it was to watch a movie - Tinkerbell - on this mini little screen. The entire family will appreciate the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Portable DVD Player when it comes time for long road trips or anytime you need to distract the kids with entertainment - think doctors appointments or boring

The iPlay Lift Off Rocket is an all time Classy Mommy favorite toy for affordability, durability, and longevity through the early childhood years. Every child that comes to our house from 18 months - 5 years old is fascinated by this rocket ship and their Parents end of asking where they can buy this stellar toy. The rocket ship comes with 2 astronauts, a space dog, an alien, and a super cool zoom zoom space car. The interior of the rocket ship is

I am BEYOND impressed with the Barbie and the Diamond Castle DVD ! As a mother of a 3 year old, I'd call myself new to the "Barbie" DVD franchise - so I was not sure what to expect. This story about two best friends - with fantastic music - had a beautiful message about friendship and I found it totally entertaining for Moms and truly exciting and captivating for my Mackenzie. Usually with new movies, I try to watch them

I'm loving this CALAFANT cardboard palace kit available at http://www.creativetoyshop.com. I find environmentally friendly toys like this so refreshing! The kids get to decorate to their hearts content. And parents will find it pretty easy to put the pre-punched and pre-cut pieces together (no glue!), and the quality is amazing. The palace comes in white, which makes gives your children a wide open canvas to let their crayons, glitter, and paint make it their own. Creative Toyshop carries over 20 different models -

We can not stop reading Pinkalicious. I swear we read it no less than 5 times per day with sometimes as many as 15+ readings! Kenzie is crazy for Pinkalicious. She's basically memorized all the words and can read it verbatium as well. All through sheer love of the book - as at 3 years old, she definitely can not read nor can she even recognize all the letters of the alphabet! I promise your little girls will adore this tale of